Love is the Key!



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It is my passion to birth these Children in LOVE.

As you choose to invite the spirit of the flutes into your life,

you will notice some simple yet profound shifts in your waking life:

greater sense of peace

heightened state of creative focus

deepening awareness of the interconnectedness of life

extended periods of being in the flow

Each child has it's own personality, temperament, and style. So it is with each of us.

You will intuitively know which child best fits you. Consider choosing your flute as an “adoption” process.

There is one that will resonate with you more than the others,one that will call to you to become part of your own family.

Take some time to explore the gathering of children below. Imagine holding each flute, moving your breath peacefully through to create a playful state of being.

Ask yourself, 'Is this the one?' Listen to remember which flute suits you.

Take joy as you follow the call to welcome a child into your heart and home.


16" and 20" suitable for small hands

25" and 27" suitable for medium hands

29" suitable for Large hands


as well as

432Hz ~ 444Hz~528Hz ~ 639Hz ~ 852Hz ~ 741Hz

Love is in the Air ~ We all Breathe

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Many Blessings


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I Give thanks if you wish to give a donataion of love!



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